Our future through The Biointernet application

The Biointernet People

What do you see as our future through application of advanced technologies like yours?

I assume that application of such technologies can greatly change this world. First it can influence the development of science. Science at this moment is developed extensively – the increase of scientific knowledge requires lots of human recourses which usually are limited. There appear gaps in knowledges at the junction of sciences that provokes the catastrophes like nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl.

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What inspired you to be interested in this subject?

bio light

What inspired you to be interested in this subject?

Several years ago I met group of people who were engaged to interesting practices – development of info-vision, different health building programs, etc. Then I realized that many things that I considered to be fantastic appeared to be real. I fell interested in it as scientist and started to study these phenomena from scientific point of view. I studied the theory of these questions, built math models, made some imitational works.

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Translighters functions


If all the Translighters improve the characteristics of BIO-light, why are they so numerous?

In addition to its main function – normalization of BIO-light and improving the work of the channels of Biointernet, the TRANSLIGHTERS help to solve a number of other practical tasks. A human being is a complicated hierarchical system which interacts differently with other systems. We have to take into consideration some specific features of these interactions and make various- purpose modifications of TRANSLIGHTERS. There are TRANSLIGHTERS for optimal interaction with non-homogeneous space – they are called TRANSLIHGTERS–WINDOWS. There are TRANSLIGHTERS which coordinate electro-magnetic fields of man with surrounding electro-magnetic devices such as telephones, computers, televisions, etc.
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About Translighters


How do Translighters they look like? What is the main idea of their functionality?

The foundation of TRANSLIGHTERS theory is the Theory of Physical Structures and Synergy of Informational Processes. The Theory of Physical Structures is developed by Russian scientist Yuri Kulakov. This theory presents absolutely new view to our reality as the presentation of other reality, the reality of physical structures.

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What prevents people from using the Biointernet actively?

Bio Laser

What prevents people from using the Biointernet actively?

First reason is weak level of general BIO-radiation. Actually, it’s lack of energy. We have made multiple measurements of light emission from people of different ages and in different countries that demonstrate that the majority of people possess weak level of BIO-radiation. Their communication channels do not provide normal connection with Biointernet. Besides that, their level of luminosity s not stable and significantly changes under the influence of environment.

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The Biointernet example


Can you please give an example how the Biointernet is realized in the life of people?

People strive for Biointernet. They feel it. People understand that it is easy to communicate with a radiant man, he is heart warming, you feel comfortable next to him. Let us consider the process of BIO-education. It is possible to translate knowledge via BIO-light emission. We can call it “Light of knowledge”. It is a real process. Continue reading

What can conscious use of Biointernet give to people?

The Biointernet

There are a lot of practical applications for it. In short interview we can touch just few aspects. Many people want to gain super-human-capabilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, etc. Actually, all these skills can be obtained via Biointernet. However, in our opinion, there are more urgent and necessary challenges for mankind here. These are increase of interaction between people, mutual understanding and support, lowering level of aggression and catastrophes etc. Intentional use of Biointernet will increase representation of love in life of people, it will make people more attractive, reasonable and wise. It also might help to solve global problems of mankind without violence and pressure, but on volunteer principles. Continue reading